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Case History

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Home Owner, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

One morning in August 2005 I awoke as usual and went downstairs and the first thing I noticed was that my lap-top computer was not in its usual place. Within minutes we found my organiser, mobile and wallet were also missing. My wife's organiser, phone and handbag were also missing. It was then we looked out and found that both our cars had also been stolen.

Walking around to the side of the house we found that the whole glass panel of the utility room window had been taken out.

Our double glazing installer informed us that it was quite common for burglars to remove the whole glazing unit from externally beaded windows and that all our windows were potentially vulnerable. He proposed that the only solution was to take out all the windows and seal them with a security tape but that was an expensive and time consuming operation.

No Go glass locks are much simpler and cheaper to fit and they have the added benefit that if that thief comes back he can see that my glazing panes have been secured.

My wife's car was found abandoned not far away undamaged but the remains of my car were recovered later after a joy-riding stint in London. My insurance company never gave me what was the real value of my car and of course I lost my no-claims bonus so that my car insurance premiums are increased for the next five years.

In all, that unsecured window cost me thousands of pounds but more importantly it cost my family piece of mind. The thought that someone had been round our home whilst we were asleep has disturbed us all. I wish my home had been a NO GO area.

Now I wish that others would be told what I know now but didn't know before how easy it is to remove an externally beaded window.

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