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Case History

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Melbeck Park, Wythenshawe Manchester

In December 2001 the MP for Wythenshawe and Sale East, Paul Goggins raised the issue of externally beaded windows being insecure in a debate in Parliament, after a spate of burglaries in Melbeck Park, Manchester. During a six month period, 12 homes had been burgled in the same way – by removing the externally beaded kitchen window.

During the debate Mr Goggins said "One does not have to be an expert on double glazing to understand why it was so easy to break into the houses: the double glazed kitchen windows were made of uPVC and externally beaded. All that was required to break in was a knife to cut the beading before lifting the window out".

He also quoted Greater Manchester’s Police Liaison Officer who had written; "The glass panel is removed and entry is made to the property. This action would create no noise and the burglar would be confident in the knowledge that articles could be removed without the risk of being seen."

What the resident’s of Melbeck Park wanted was for their homes to be NO GO areas and fitting No Go Glass locks would be a simple and effective way of achieving this.

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