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Case History

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KS, Cleveland

I recently went on holiday and I thought the house was safe with an alarm and double glazing. I was shocked to get a phone call informing me I had been broken into.

On my return home I found that they had broken my fence and then lifted the back window out and crawled past the cooker and then kicked the door in from the kitchen to living room. They then had lined up electrical equipment and took some rings and money, been disturbed by alarm and neighbours.

I looked on the Internet and found  NO-GO SECURITY double window lock systems, I watched the video clip and this is exactly how they had broken into my house.

I discussed with a neighbour and I ordered a pack, I was so surprised how easy they where to fit. I showed my neighbour and ordered another 2 packs for myself and one for them. I would suggest everyone checks their windows and if they have external beading/fitting to then fit the locks particularly to the back area which may be secluded.

This would save all the trouble I have had and time and effort with the insurance company trying to sort out the damage and claim.

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